Veterans Day Video 2

First, FB users, if you only get the video, click on the “shared a link” above and you can see the whole blog about this song.

I hope you all enjoyed the first video, it has a lot of heart and I really like not only how they did it, but the fact that it was KISS that did it.  Most artists try to make the song theirs by doing something to it and many times it desegregates the song, case in point is when they try to personalize the Star Spangled Banner.  I think KISS did a great job with keeping with the meaning and spirit of the song.  Just my view.

The first video for today is by another artist that I really admire.  I did not know all the troubles he went through in his life until I watched the movie about him and I would like to think it was exaggerated a lot but I know there is at least some truth to it.  He was someone who sang is many genre’s and was successful in most if not all of them.  He also was a great entertainer from what I have heard and read.

This song pretty much sums up what our Military is all about, we wont back down.  In Desert Storm the big concern was how many troops were at the Iraqi disposal and if we would stand a chance against such overwhelming numbers.  Well, the US Military showed what it was and still is made of.  Though we may be spread out very thin and in places people do not think we should be in, remember that we have people in high ranking places that tell the troops where and when to go so supporting the troops is priority number one.

When I did a search for this song, there were many that came up.  I was actually very surprised at the number of videos that were put together for this song.  The one I liked the most I didn’t use here because it was almost impossible to read.  The person who did it, listed all the casualties from all the wars that we have been in but they used dark photos and black lettering so it was very difficult at best to read what was on the slides pertaining to each war.

As I said, this song sums up in my mind how our great countries military member approaches their duties every day.

I Won’t Back Down by Johnny Cash


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