Veterans Day Reflection Video 2

Still Going

I must say, this is a bit easier than I thought it would be.  I thought for sure that there would be no way I could post anything worth reading for all these videos but so far it hasn’t been too bad, I hope you think so too.  As for this video, well, I remember the first time I heard it and I was floored, I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it.  The problem, I had no idea who the artist was and I could not find it for the life of me.  When I finally heard it again, I got it immediately, this song I am sure hits pretty close to home for men, I know it did for me.

Songs Meaning to Me

Each part of the song makes me think of different stages in my life.  My mother was the more expressive parent and we all knew where we each stood with her.  When it came to differences between my dad and us kids she would always be the go between telling us (well me at least, don’t know about my sisters so I wont speak for them) that dad did care.  She never said those words but I know what she meant when she said “he is just being stubborn, its just the way he is”, that was her way of saying he does care.  Mom was the rock that kept the sanity in the family as close to normal as she could, mom didn’t say much but when she did, people listened.

Becoming a Father

I remember where I was and what I was doing the day I heard my girlfriend was pregnant with my oldest son Sheldon, I was in basic training but I still know where I was and what she said in the letter.  She said, “remember the friend of yours who’s wife is pregnant with their first child, well he isn’t the only one who is going to be a father”.  If she is reading this, I bet she is flabbergasted that I would remember such a thing, well, I did.  I was sitting on the end of my cot reading my letter as the friend she was talking about (I cant remember his name) was reading a letter from his wife.

I was so proud, yes I know we weren’t married and were only dating for a little while but I was proud I was going to be a father.  I also remember the first time I got to meet my son when they all came to CA a few weeks after he was born, words cant describe how someone feels when each child is born so I wont even try to describe it.

Proud of Your Children

In my generation of parents, not many fathers showed or expressed how they felt about their children, it was implied but rarely expressed.  I remember the first time I heard my dad say it to me and how it made me feel.  My mother was always the communicator and she would express herself much more than my dad.  Not that I didn’t think my dad didn’t care, he just didn’t express it.  He still has a hard time doing it at times, it is just the way each generation is raised.

I know I tell my children I love them as much as I can, I don’t want them to “think” I love them, I want them to know.  The one thing that I am not good at is telling them how proud I am of them.  I am very proud of all my children and though I have said it to each of them, I have not said it a whole lot and not even close to as much as I should, I have three great children and could not be more proud of any of them.

The Letters Mean More Than you Might Think

Anyway that is how I reflect when I hear this song, I still do.  I think of all the men and women who are in a war zone somewhere who count on these letters and messages from home to keep them going from day to day.  Those who have never served in a war zone have absolutely no idea how these simple words on a piece of paper can affect a war fighters mental state.  Now for the song that makes me think still to this day every time I hear it.

Letters from Home by John Michael Montgomery

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