Veterans Day Videos…Time for Fun

The song is only part of the post, click on the link and read the blog then tell me what you think of it.  Would love to hear what you think of any of it actually.

Change the Pace

Ok, I know the songs from yesterday were a little on the sad side and I was looking for some videos that would spruce things up a bit and it took a little searching but I found a couple I think you will like.

It’s Not Always Serious

I really don’t have any stories to go with either of these videos because in all honesty, my memory sucks.  The first one of the day is a very good video about the unity of a squadron.  The only story I have that even remotely relates to this is when I was in SC.  Our commander had a big wooden Indian Chief that if I remember correctly, he bought at the Academy and had it his whole career.  Apparently he told people that his wife would go before that Indian did.

The Big Mistake

He told everyone how much he liked that wooden Indian and how he never let anyone mess with it, he always kept it safe at home and never had taken it to his work.  One day he decided to have a party at his house and he made one teeny tiny mistake, he invited the Enlisted people to the party.  Anyway, he was going on about this wooden Indian and finally one of our Sr Enlisted personnel devised a plan and the next thing you know, the Indian was gone.

The commander was not very happy about his wooden Indian being stolen and went on the war path (no pun intended) to find out who took it, he had his ideas but he was wrong.  For the next 6 months or so this wooden Indian traveled the world and every once and a while, pictures would show up on the commanders desk of the Indian drinking in Germany, or eating pizza in Italy.  The commander was not happy and really didn’t play it like he was happy so it made the “mission” more fun.  The sad thing, he thought the Indian was stolen because we liked him, he couldn’t have been further from the truth if he tried.

The Indian Returns

The squadron had an auction to raise money for the Christmas party that year and people got to donate things to be auctioned off.  Now, the commanders wife HATED this wooden Indian and said she wanted to burn the thing, so, the people in high places let her in on the evenings surprise happening.  Now, part of the surprise was, she told her husband that she had another engagement and couldn’t come to the auction.

Finally the last item is auctioned off and just as the commander is getting ready to thank everyone for the donations and bidding, in comes a very familiar item, his long lost wooden Indian.  From what I am told he decided to play along and let the Indian be auctioned.  So the bidding begins and the commander of course starts the bidding.  Now someone is bidding against the commander and from what I understand, he didn’t know who it was as he was in the front row.  As the bidding started going higher and higher, he got more and more upset.  Finally he had enough and stood up and as he was turning around, said that it had gone high enough, then he saw who was bidding against him…His wife.

I don’t remember how much they said he paid for the Indian but it was more than he paid for it originally and he was not too happy about it.  Anyway, that is about the only squadron wide shenanigans I can remember so, watch the video and see for yourself how cool it is.  I like it.

Some Navy Fun


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