Veterans Day Videos…Welcome Home

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So Many Things

This is an amazing video!!!  I found a version of it online, and after reading the notes, found out who the artist is, there are a handful of videos but I like this one the best so you get to see it.  Apparently this song was written in 1995 but as of last week and searching for some of these videos, I had never heard of it.  I do like it and wonder why it is not a more popular song.  As soon as I heard the song, I knew I was going to play it and I knew where it was going to go…Sunday Night.

Changing Times

I know that things are a lot different now than they were only 50 short years ago, we celebrate our military much more than we did then, why is that?  This war has taken as long if not longer than the Vietnam War so why do we not get the protesters today?  My personal feeling is the speed which we get the information now and the fact that the Jane Fonda’s and Tom Criuses are seen through much more quickly than they were then.

I think the people of today (who aren’t military connected) actually understand who is to blame and know who is behind sending out troops.  The people of the 60’s were so hell bent on getting their name in the news that they didn’t actually care what the cause was, they just wanted to be part of the “in crowd” and say they actually did something besides smoke grass all day and shoot heroin.  People of today understand that the troops should be welcomed home and not chastised for doing the duty they freely volunteered to do.

Heroes Welcome

I remember back in the 90’s we would go through Westover, MA Air Base when returning the troops from the war.  This was the main staging base for the troops return, anybody who was anybody went through Westover.  The local community gave every flight a great welcome with lots of people and food for the returning soldiers.  As a flyer, I was able to see a few of these and it never disappointed.  The local schools would have designated days that they would allow certain classes to go to the hanger to meet the troops.  It was amazing seeing all the kids and many of the local adults there too.

They would line up and form a human tunnel for the troops to walk down when they came in off the flight-line. They would cheer and play music and make the guys feel like true heroes.  I remember a big roll of paper that was about 2 ft wide, they wanted every troop that passed through there to sign the paper, as if filled, they rolled up one end and unrolled from the other.  Talk about making the guys feel like they were wanted back home, it was amazing.  I wonder what ever happened to that paper.

As the years went buy even the airlines got on board, kind of.  Many times I remember them giving troops seats in first class if they had them available.  Of course we didn’t get any breaks on baggage fees and as a Loadmaster, I realize just how much extra fuel we will burn if you bring TWO carry on bags.  OMG were gonna DIE!!!!

Need Some Help

I am asking if you would help me choose the last video to play on Veterans Day at 1900 (Non Military types can ask a Vet what time that is).  I was going to play the Star Spangled Banner (All verses) but as I was going though, I came upon a couple other videos that are very good and would do very nicely as the ending video to my tribute to the Vets.

There is a very good story narration about Francis Scott Key (The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner) and what happened on the night he was inspired to write his poem.  I also found a great rendition of Taps (The Final Playing of Taps) and the Star Spangled Banner.  So the choices are those.  You can vote as many times as you would like and tell your friends about it and let them chime in.  I will even let you vote on which version to play of the Star Spangled Banner.  Truth be told, I like all of them but I only have one blog left to write and it will include the video with the highest votes.

Welcome Home Soldier by Karl Sapp

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Hero Home Source Information

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