Google and the United States Military

Robot Advances

How many people know what Google does?  They are that internet search engine thing that is in competition with Bing right?

How many know they have a car (about 10 or so if I am not mistaken) that can drive by themselves?  No driver needed.  One sits in the drivers seat but touches nothing, the car drives on GPS and sensors.  If you have watched the show Terminator, what would you say if you were in a war zone and you saw one of these?

Easy to Spot

Now, you may be saying, “thats ok, we can tell when those machines are coming, they are the bad guy” what if you saw something like this?

This robot looks to be human when in the suit and other than the walking motion, has very fluid movements.  We all know that not all robots are made for military use but how long does it take anyone to want power and control?

Besides, they are Really Slow

So, if you see one coming your way, just run and you will be able to outrun them right?

Now, you have a human looking machine and even some speed, as long as we can control them, we will be fine…right?

The Future is Here

If you watch this video you will see that we are on our way to allowing them to attempt to think and learn on their own.  Facial expressions, fluid movements, Artificial Intelligence and reproduction, all things the scientists are trying to develop…and are succeeding at a very rapid pace.

With technology moving at the pace it is moving, it will not be long before everyone wants a personal robot BUT, who do you think will get them first?  Your neighbor?  Your Friend down the Street?  Your rich Uncle?  I seriously doubt they will get their hands on any of these before any government does.

What will be Replaced?

Do you think this will just be military use?  What about police, I am sure there are robots that are being designed to take over the force.  Fire Fighters, I am sure they will be designing some that will be able to fight fires and probably be able to go were no fire fighter can go at times.  If they have AI and can learn, do you think they will take over the education of our children?  Robots can be designed to do almost anything right now, can you imagine what they will be able to do in 5 years…10 years….25 years???

Government Control?

Not many people trust politicians anymore and most believe that there is not one politician with anything on their minds but their own agenda.

Advancement is great, advancement is awesome and exciting too and if it helps save lives of our military personnel, I am all for it.  If it saves lives of the men and women protecting our streets, I can deal with that too.  If it helps our fire fighters remain safe and also able to possibly get to places and save lives our human fire fighters cant get to, I am for that too.  As for the teachers, if we as a society get lazy and rely on robots to do everything, do you think we will really send our kids to school in the future?  Why?  If a robot can do it all for them, why should we learn?

My only real concern is, when was the last time you could truly trust anyone in the Government?  And, like I already said, who do you think is going to get these things first?


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