Social Media, Does it Work?

Technology is Moving Forward

Social media is changing the way everyone looks at the world.  You can even fact check things that come up in normal everyday conversation right in front of the person stating the “facts”.  It is getting harder and harder to get away from the internet, you can get almost anything on your phone or tablet anywhere you are in the world.  Mobile apps are on the rise and mobile web sites are more and more the norm today than they were not even two years ago.

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In today’s market, you need to move pretty fast to stay on top.  If you are someone who does not believe in social media, then you are going to fall behind.  The thing about social media, it changes almost as fast as you do.  It is very difficult in today’s market to even get a job if you do not have a social media presence.  The big thing last year was the argument of employers rights to look at your Facebook page and if that was an invasion of privacy or not.  If your Facebook page is public, you can bet they will look.


The new social media page that employers look at is quickly becoming LinkedIn and if you have a profile or not on the site.  If you are looking for a job, why do you not have a LinkedIn account?  It is free and it is a more professional site than what you will get on Facebook.  Both sites have their target audiences so if posting events of your everyday life are not your thing, and you want a site that is targeted to a more business realm, you NEED to be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a good site for networking with people who share common interests with you and what you are looking for.  It also gives you the opportunity to expand on your resume and lets face it, if an employer has taken the time to see if you have a LinkedIn account, they are looking for more information about you AND, you have more than likely gotten your name thrown in the pool of possible hires.  Now is the time to expand on your accomplishments and show them what will make you stand out from the competition.  Lets face it, there is only so much you can actually put on a resume or even want to for that matter.  If your resume is too long, it is almost as bad as having little to no content.

Twitter, Youtube, WordPress and Others

There is a plethora of sites that are free to use and all you have to do is set them up so why are you not doing this?  Twitter is free and though I use it sparingly, it is a great way to communicate.  If you are comfortable with video, get your own Youtube account, make some videos and post them.  Lastly if you like to blog, get a blog account, WordPress has a free blogging account and I use it all the time.  As a natter if fact, in the event you have not noticed, this blog comes from my WordPress account.  I share almost everything through my WordPress account.

There are many more valuable and free options out there and I am only speaking of the few that I use.  I am constantly trying to expand too.  Google+ is another free account that I use and am getting that off the ground.  I am getting a Bing account up and running too as I have found that a lot of the searches for my blogs come from that site so I am setting up there too.  Pintrest is another site I have had for a while but have just recently figured out how to incorporate that into my program also.

Sounds complicated…But it’s Not

As with anything data based, the set up is the most time consuming, after that, it is pretty easy.  How do you ask?  I do everything with my Hero Home Source program from one or two accounts.  I post here on WordPress and send it to 5 different sites.  I can do more and will as I get them set up.  I make one post and it goes to all my pages.  If I cant set it up on WordPress, I have it set up to share from my other sites.  So if something doesn’t work through WordPress and it does through Facebook, I make one post here, send it to Facebook and Facebook sends it to my other sites, automatically.  One post now just became 10 posts.

Lets Run a Test

Some have been following me for a while and some have just recently started.  If you do not believe social media works, try this.  Do a Google and/or a Bing search for Hero Home Source.  Now, if you would please drop me a line and tell me where my first site pops up on your screen.  If you type in my name, you will get many many links but tell me where I am on your search for Hero Home Source.  On my screen I have two in the top 10 but some of that has to do with my IP address knowing I have searched it before so I get sort of a false sense of importance.  I have had people contact me from all over the country because my name comes up when they are searching for our Hero Home Source program so I know it is working to an extent.

Social Media Works

Even if you don’t feel like telling me where I pop up on your screen, you will see that my social media presence is much higher than most.  If you are just looking to get your name out there for employers I would suggest this, set up a separate Facebook page for your professional image (it is free to do this), set up a twitter, LinkedIn and Blog (I say use WordPress but that may not be one you like, just set up a blog site) and start doing on blog every week or even two weeks.  Make sure your one blog goes to all your sites and after a month or two, blog something like my last two paragraphs and see where you fall.

If you would like help on any of this, please feel free to contact me either individually or on the message board and I will help you with anything you need help on.  The great thing about it, if I don’t have the answer, I have built a good enough following that I can either ask someone or they may answer you on the message board.  What do you have to lose?



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