What does “Military Friendly” Real Estate Agent mean?

Why are you “Military Friendly”?

I saw an advertisement for a page that said Military Friendly Real Estate Agents and decided to do a little research.  I saw things like friendly, understands the client (military specifically), knows you are on a budget, and will work hard for you.  Lastly, from what I understand, the big thing, they understand the VA loan process.  So all this makes you “Military Friendly” huh?

After researching these key terms I decided I would expand on these a little bit and see what you think.


We as agents are in the service community and in the service community, if you are not friendly, you will not get anyone to work with you.  I say work with you because though we technically work “for” you, I have a different view on things.  I was told as a young Loadmaster one time by a team chief that “It is easier to get someone to work with you than it is to get them to work for you”, it is even on my cards and pamphlets I hand out.  This stuck with me for my whole career and I think it made my relationships with other team members better throughout my career.  Technically I was in charge of loading the aircraft but if all I did was stand around and supervise, work would slow down.  No one wants to be bossed around and it does impact the work done and the attitude of those you are dealing with.

Understands the Client

Another basic thing that all service providers should be aware of.  If you are looking for a 3 bedroom home, and all I show you are two bedroom homes, I am not listening to you and you will get frustrated and move on to another agent.  Now, lets see if there are differences in military needs and civilian needs.  Military members want to get into a home they can afford, so does everyone else.  Military members want to be in a good school district, so does everyone else.  Military members want to be as close to work as possible whenever possible, so does everyone else.  So, knowing this, does this make you “Military Friendly”?

Knows You are on a Budget

Everyone that has a job is on a budget so how does this make you special as an agent?  Isn’t this something basic that everyone should be taken into consideration on?  I don’t care if your credit report says you can afford a $400,000 home, if you tell me you want your payments to be no more than $1800/mo, and this puts you in the $250,000 range, then we will look for homes in that range.  No one likes a pushy sales person and if you are always showing homes to the client that are in the $1900/month range you are not following the “Understands the Client” point and all that does is up your commission check a little and frustrate the client.  So if you understand the person is on a budget, does this make you “Military Friendly”?

 Will Work Hard for You

Amazingly this is something that I never use.  I just take it for granted that this is expected of me and that I am going to do it.  My mother used to say that if someone is adamant about something, they more than likely are doing just the opposite.  So if I tell you over and over how “hard” I am working for you, chances are, I am not only trying to convince you that I am, I am also trying to convince myself I am doing it.  This is another thing that an agent should be doing for all their clients.  So, if you will work hard for them, does this make you “Military Friendly”.

Knows the VA Loan Process

Yes, the VA Loan process is a little different but in all reality, it is not THAT much different.  There are a few different requirements that need to be met but if your agent is smart, they will work with the mortgage provider to make sure everything is in order.  The paperwork is not that much different, though it is different.  The member has to show a couple things differently and must provide their VA eligibility certificate.  There are a couple inspections required by the VA and in some cases, they do take a little more time than an avg conventional loan BUT, that is not always the case.  VA loans can be closed in 30 days, just like a conventional loan.

A Little Further Research

I also Googled the terms for Fire Fighter, Teacher and Police “Friendly” agents.  Ironically, I could not find as much there as I could for the Military friendly ones.  Why is this?  Is this just a marketing ploy?  If it is, what sets you apart?  As I have already pointed out, everything I found is pretty much basic things every service provider should be making available to all clients so what does your agent bring to the table that makes them so much of a better choice for you as any other agent.  Well, I think I have come up with something…they actually offer something more than your normal service provider gives you.

Hero Home Source Program

We at Exit can honestly say we are “Military” friendly.  I am also proud to say that we are Fire Fighter, Police, and Teacher friendly.  Why is that you ask?  Good question.  Yes, I will do everything else the other agents do such as the ones listed here but I will go a step further.  I will give back to the Hero.  How do we do this?  Another good question.  We give back up to 25% of our gross commission (this works for buying or selling a home) and up to .5% of the loan amount if done through Annie Mac.

We do not stop there, Annie Mac will also provide a free one year home warranty and one year job loss protection.  We also have first time home buyers programs, good neighbor next door programs and work with HUD homes.  We can provide you with all your real estate needs just like the other agents, we separate ourselves by actually providing more than great service, we also give back.

Finding that Friendly Agent

So, after all of this it comes down to what is actually provided that makes an agent “Military Friendly”.  All agents should understand that you need to be Friendly, you need to understand your client, everyone is on a budget, you need to work hard for the client and understand the VA process.  If this is the case, then every agent is Military Friendly.  As I have said, my company goes a bit further and offers things these other agents do not offer AND we have been doing it since 1988, no one else can say that.

So next time you find someone that says they are Military friendly, Police friendly, Teacher friendly or Fire Fighter friendly, ask them if they have a program like the Hero Home Source program.  If they do not offer something like this, they are just an average agent providing you services they should be providing everyone else, they are just trying to get your business with a marketing ploy, no different than if you worked at any other store or profession.

Hero Home Source Information


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One Response to What does “Military Friendly” Real Estate Agent mean?

  1. madeehr1213 says:

    I found another “Military Friendly” web site and they had a video on BAH rates. Now, for those in the military, we know what that means and how to say it. This “Military Friendly” site continuously called it BAH (like an actual word and sounded like a sheep BAAAA).

    Now, if you are in the military and they are “Military Friendly” upon hearing this, do you think they have any clue what the military even does or how it works? This to me is clearly nothing but a company utilizing the key phrase “Military” as it is a hot item right now. It by no means indicates that they are “Military Friendly”.

    If you search it on youtube, they go on to say how it is presented by Defense Travel Management Office BUT if you go to their site, they clearly say they are not affiliated with the US Gov (last time I checked TMO was affiliated with the US Gov) and that it is a non Gov private web site. So, which is it?

    This is what I am trying to say in my blog, just because the agent says they are “Military Friendly” does not mean they have a clue what you are all about. My point is, if you don’t know something that is fine, just don’t go around portraying that you do. You will end up looking like a fool.

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