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My Veterans Day Blogs

Last year I did a video tribute and a little trip down memory lane for the days leading up to Veterans Day and though it was more than I expected, I enjoyed it.  This year I got a little jump on it as last year I was doing it pretty much day to day and this year I am starting out a little earlier so it wont be so pressured.  I hope you enjoy my little tribute to all my fellow Brothers and Sisters in arms past, present and future.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a day set aside each year to remember all the men and women who have fought for our lives, as they say “All Gave Some, Some Gave All”.

Road Map

This year I am going to try to do some themes for the blogs.  I have two set up for each day, one in the morning and one in the evening.  My first day will cover the Families and what it means to be a military family.  Day two will cover Military Support and how the military appreciates the support we get from our country.  Day three will be about the bonds that tie our Brothers and Sisters in the military.  Day four will be Pride and Tradition on the military.  Day Five will cover a little History about our Military and the final day will be about American Pride.


Many people understand the role of the military person and the sacrifices they are willing to make to support our great nation.  It is easy to see from the outside what we do to defend our country but no one knows the sacrifices more than the military members family.  The family is what gets the military member through some of the toughest times anyone will ever face in their lifetime.  Spouses and children are the backbone of any military members lifeline back to home.

My family was put through a lot when I was in the military.  I joined in 1987 and though we were at the tail end of the Cold War era, there was not a lot of deploying for the normal military member.  Many people joined to get the benefits and really didn’t think about leaving home for extended periods of time.  Then in 1989 and 1990 everything changed and the military has never been the same.

I was in a flying squadron and for the first couple of years I would go on the road for 5-7 days every couple of months, there was not a lot of flying going on.  Then it seemed like overnight I went to averaging 200 days/yr on the road for about 4 years.  This meant leaving my family behind and missing all kinds of events.  Things slowed a little and then in 97-98 time frame, it all came back as Russia was falling apart right and left and we were supporting that effort.  Then in 2001 of course everything changed and though it has gotten a little better, it has still been hard to this day on the military member and their families.

American Soldier

I have always liked Toby Keith and the support he has for our Military members.  It seems that he is always doing something with the USO or just touring and visiting with our Military members.  At times, I wonder how he has time to record and tour with his music.  Then last year as I was writing my Veterans Day blogs, my oldest son called me and as we were talking I told him I was stuck for the last couple days and what to write, he told me that the song American Soldier by Toby Keith always reminded him of me.  Since he spoke those words to me, the song has taken on a whole new meaning to me, I even created a ringtone of it for his number.

Deploying for the member is very hard, deploying for the family can be just as hard if not, more difficult at times.  I was able to find a video that depicts the American Soldier very well that is to this song and each time I hear this song, I now think of my son too.

Please feel free to leave a reply at the bottom and tell me what you think of any of my blogs.  If any military veterans or those currently serving would like to share some of their experiences, I would welcome the sharing of your experiences.



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