Review and Look Forward 2014-2015

The Year That Was

I must have to say that overall 2014 was a good year to me.  I did some things I have never done before like coach girls and soccer.  Knocked that out all at once when I coached my daughters soccer team.  It was a fun time overall and I enjoyed all the young ladies that came out and gave their best each day on the pitch (for all the soccer fanatics out there).

Ryan and Zoey did a lot of growing this year and stretched some of their boundaries.  Zoey did a couple of things that were new to her.  First she ran track and enjoyed it but was not to thrilled to find out that her best event is the 400M run.  I personally think it is the most brutal event in track but she did very well in it and is looking forward to running it again this year.  She also decided to give soccer a try though she did play it when she was 4, she really hasnt had an interest until this year.  She did pretty good even though her and I did butt heads a few times.  One of the reasons I dont like coaching my own kids.

Ryan did some things that he really enjoys too.  His flag football team won their division and his basketball team last yr won their division too.  Though Ryan is not a “star” athlete like many parents like to tout their kids as being, he is a very good role player and does try to help with the other kids when he can.  I am very proud of the fact that he has not been on a team where he has been the so called star, I like the fact that he is learning how to play the games like they are meant to be played…as a team.

Sheldon and Aubre also brought some very much anticipated joy to both families as they had Easton in Sep and everyones world has changed dramatically since then.  Changed for the better of course.  I was even able to make a trip down to SC last month to see their family for the first time in about 2yrs.  We had a great time and Ryan and Zoey always love seeing their big brother and Aubre.  Now they have Easton to enjoy seeing too.  Guess we may have to make a few more trips down with a bit more frequency.

Lastly I am now starting the new year with a great lady and her family.  We have really had some good times in the amount of time we are dating and I am looking forward to sharing more time with her and her children in 2015.  Meeting her put a great exclamation point on 2014 and has allowed me to start 2015 with more anticipation than most new years have in the past.

There were also some downs for the year, I have lost a couple family members over the course of 2014 and that of course is sad when that happens to your family.  I have also made a few mistakes but I like to feel I can and will learn from them.


They say the key to growth is reflection and of course there are many things to reflect on throughout the year, some good…some that need improvement.  Things I would like to improve on in 2015 is my temper with the kids.  They say you treat strangers differently many times than you treat family and I am working on changing that with my kids.  I have done some looking at things and realize I need to teach them more than tell them, guide them more than direct them and speak to them more than speak at them.  It is a constant struggle but it is the top priority for me to work on in 2015.

I also have an opportunity to grow with an amazing woman and her family.  Together we have already accomplished a lot with both families and will continue to do so in 2015.  I want to be the best partner I can for her and also the best mentor and support for her kids.  I know she is already doing that for me so reciprocating that is not going to be as hard as we both have the same common goals and beliefs.

I also want to be more proactive with my business things in real estate and grow that.  I will be finishing my Masters Degree in May so one more semester of buckling down and we will be complete.

Bring on 2015

Overall 2014 was a great year for me and my family.  Yes we had some ups and downs but the ups far outweighed the downs.  I am looking forward to 2015 with much anticipation and am very happy where things are with my families lives.  I hope each and everyone of you reading this have a safe and prosperous 2015 and are able to enjoy the upcoming year.


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